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Eco-Friendly Adhesives

With Earth Day approaching (April 22), it’s appropriate to think about ways to use eco-friendly adhesives in your products or manufacturing applications. What makes an eco-friendly adhesive? At Bond-Tech Industries, the demand for environmentally-friendly adhesives and glues has focused on two aspects: Reducing overall solvent content and improving cross-linking in the process Lowering solvent emissions

Effects of Summer Heat on Adhesives

Adhesives are typically composed of polymers. This means that their viscoelastic natures, what makes them sticky and stretchy, are constantly affected by any changes in temperature. This effect changes depending on whether the adhesive is plastic or resin based. Since there is such a varying degree of how temperature effects each type of adhesive, some

Safety Tips for Working with Industrial Adhesive

There are hazards intrinsic to adhesives and potential operational risks to working with adhesives in the manufacturing process. Avoiding such risks requires clear safety procedures, training, employee vigilance and an understanding of specific adhesive properties. All potentially harmful substances must be handled responsibly throughout their lifecycle starting with their manufacture to final recycling or disposal.