The image of hot melt glue sticks and their use in glue guns as useful in strictly a hobby or craft setting is wrong. They have a number of uses in the industrial sector that can help you build and deliver better products in a quicker amount of time than traditional adhesives can offer.

Hot Melt Glue SticksThe elimination of volatile organic compounds in the food packaging industry is achieved by using hot melt adhesives. These volatile organic compounds usually have an odor which can negatively affect the product, and can be detrimental to the health of those applying them.

Using them in a food packing setting is a poor decision.

The drying or curing step associated with other forms of glue is also eliminated. Taking out this step frees employees or machines from having to hold the surfaces being glued together during the drying time.

Hot melt glue sticks can dry in seconds if you use fast setting HMA’s. This will help keep your process moving along rapidly with few hang ups throughout the manufacturing line.

They have a high strength, resistance to moisture, water and humidity and can maintain their grip strength for a considerable amount of time. This is due to their basic makeup of resins and waxes which are naturally resistant to water, and the strength of the bonds they create.

A cost not often thought of with adhesives is disposal cost. The more harmful and toxic glues have procedures for their disposal which can incur fees. There are usually no special disposal procedures associated with hot melt adhesives.

This another way that you can save money and time by using them.