Bond Tech is excited to announce some new additions to our already extensive adhesive lineup.

Here are four of the best products for the new year that are sure to increase your work productivity.

1. Glue Dots

No equipment? No problem!

As an official reseller, Bond Tech now offers Glue Dots!

For those who don’t already know, Glue Dots…

  • Are a fugitive hot melt adhesive that come on a roll.
  • Can be dispensed with a handheld gun (similar to a conventional tape gun), an automated dispenser, or they can be manually peeled and applied by hand.
  • Provide a clean, instant bond and are often a preferred alternative to hot glues, liquid glues and tapes.
  • Leave no mess, residue or odour, presenting your product and preserving your brand, while increasing productivity and reducing costs.
  • Are applicable to every application imaginable.

All of which, make Glue Dots a very useful adhesive product.

2. APO Glue Sticks

APO glue sticksIf Bond Tech is already your go-to source for glue sticks, you will be pleased to know that we are adding a brand new type of glue stick to our inventory.

The Amorphous Poly Olefin (APO)-based glue stick is reserved for your most demanding applications.

This adhesive has been specifically developed for difficult to bond substrates with high performance requirements.

Compared to typical EVA based glue sticks, APO sticks offer the following advantages:

  • Ability to bond low surface energy substrates
  • Long open times
  • Excellent performance in low temperatures
  • Good chemical resistance

3. Pallet Stabilizers

While pallet stabilizers are not exactly a new product to our line up, we wanted to shine the spotlight on it due to its tremendous success.

This product is a must-have if…

  • You are concerned about your palletized products remaining intact during transportation.
  • You use a high amount of shrink wrap. When you use our palletizing adhesive, you will cut down on shrink wrap usage as well as help the environment.
  • You want to stabilize with confidence. Regardless of if you use the hot melt solution or our water based solution, both have passed the rigid scrutiny of large corporations such as the LCBO, and will stand the test at your business as well.

4. Bottle Labeling

bottle labeling use hot melt adhesives

Bond Tech has always had great hot melt labelling glues for our customers, and now we are excited to announce the addition of an aqueous labelling glue that is suitable for both glass and plastic bottles/containers.

This alternative to a Casein adhesive is FDA and CFIA safe for indirect contact, passes brewery ice proof tests and is easily removed via various bottle washing methods.

All while machining very well on high speed labelers!


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Like What You See?

If you want to increase your productivity, reduce waste, and decrease costs, consider any of these four adhesive products.

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