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man applying adhesive glue to wood

Water vs. Hot Melt vs. Dry Adhesives | Bond Tech Industries

At Bond Tech, we offer three main kinds of adhesives to fit a huge range of bonding needs in many industries. Adhesives can be used for so many things that you may struggle to find information about exactly which type you should use, and how the different kinds of adhesives compare to one another. Here,

Major Impact of Texas Storm on the Adhesive Industry & Its Supply Chain

Sometimes, even the soundest supply chains are interrupted by major, once-in-a-century storms. A rare winter storm in Texas has unfortunately interfered with many industries, including the adhesive industry. Since the storm passed through, we’ve been experiencing a massive shortage in many water-based adhesives and hot melts and have seen the material costs for these products

VOC Adhesives: Then and Now

Health concerns in relation to consumer products has never been more prevalent than it is today. As we start to understand more of the effects that some products can have on us, we are actively looking to correct these problems. This can be seen in the world of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) adhesives in particular.