Natural and Synthetic Latex Adhesives

Bond Tech Industries is a leading manufacturer of natural rubber and synthetic based latex adhesives products which can be used in a variety of industries, for a variety of applications.

Natural rubber based latex adhesives

Bond Tech’s rubber-based latex adhesive (commonly referred to as ‘cohesive’) products are made from natural or synthetic elastomers which have been tackified with the inclusion of various additives and resins.

Rubber adhesives are cost-effective and have excellent tack and shear properties. In addition, they provide strong adhesion to materials with high- and low-surface energy.

Synthetic based latex adhesives

Bond Tech’s line of synthetic-based latex adhesives are an excellent complement to our natural adhesive line up. While more costly than a natural based solution, they offer up many benefits and advantages over its counterpart.

For instance, unlike its natural counterpart, a synthetic solution does not always have to be applied to both surfaces being adhered.

A synthetic solution is also preferred where allergens are a concern.

At Bond Tech, our latex adhesives can be manufactured to remain tacky or become dry to the touch, based on your needs.

Advantages of using Bond Tech Natural and Synthetic based latex adhesives

Natural Rubber based adhesives

  • Adheres to a wide range of materials
  • Have a high initial “grab” or tack factor
  • Excellent cohesive strength

Synthetic latex adhesives

  • In some instances only one surface needs application
  • Does not cause allergic reactions
  • Efficient
  • No ammonia odour