A Different Kind of Adhesive Company

using forklift for an adhesive companyLong before Bond Tech Industries came into existence, its future founders were obtaining valuable experience working in the adhesives field. They realized something was lacking. There was an industry-wide deficiency in customer service and work-environment approach. Too much emphasis rested on the bottom line and the customer’s overall needs took a back seat.

Our founders truly believe that any successful adhesive manufacturer should start with happy employees and a genuine focus on customer service. Happy employees care more about their work and will go the extra mile to satisfy the customer. Take care of the customer and the customer will take care of you.

This philosophy provides the genesis for our corporate values and we remember it day by day. It has served us well in the past and will ensure Bond Tech’s future as a truly FULL service adhesive company. Not only can you count on us for all your adhesive requirements, you can also count on 100% support from people who know their business and care about you, the customer.

That’s how Bond Tech is different. We offer quality products without sacrificing customer service. Our customers get quality adhesives and quality customer service from experienced professionals.

Strong Employee Bonds

Some manufacturers of adhesive have a reputation for operating businesses that see a lot of employee turnover. It’s a sticky problem for them, but not for Bond Tech.

Bond Tech is a company that believes the basis for success starts with employee loyalty—the company’s commitment to employees and the employee’s commitment to delivering quality for the company.

This mindset is the genesis for Bond Tech’s corporate values. It has helped us become a premier industrial adhesive company. Not only can customers count on quality adhesives, but they can count on the dedicated services of people who know adhesives, know the business and care about the customer’s success.

Our Corporate Values

Bond Tech is dedicated to getting the job done right the first time, in the most resourceful manner possible and in harmony with our values.

Making quality adhesive glue for an adhesive companyTo accomplish this:

  • We collaborate across functions and departments to achieve our common goals
  • We make every effort to deliver on time and within our business plans and guidelines, and to live up to the commitments we make to each other and to each customer
  • We empower all employees by promoting personal responsibility and accountability along with creative thinking, innovation and informed risk-taking in all our activities
  • We welcome change and seek to marry improvements in process and product to the traditions that have produced quality and results for many years
  • We aspire at all times to do our jobs better in every way.

Our Dedication to Customer Service

We are dedicated to enabling our customers to become highly successful enterprises and building long-term relationships by being responsive and pertinent and by consistently delivering value.

Our Dedication to Treating Others with Dignity, Trust and Respect

We are dedicated to being steadfast and honest and taking responsibility for our actions. We will earn your trust by saying what we mean and doing what we say.

Our Dedication to Employee Growth and Well-being

We are dedicated to an environment of continuous learning and team orientation. Our dedication to achieving a work-life balance allows us to attract and retain the most qualified people and create a workplace where we can enjoy our work while seeking to carry out our duty.