Rubber and Natural Latex Adhesives

Versatile and adaptable latex based glues

Bond Tech Industries manufactures synthetic and natural latex adhesives for use in a variety of industries, for a variety of applications.

Cost effective with excellent tack and shear properties


  • Made from natural or synthetic elastomers
  • The inclusion of various additives and resins create a tacky surface
  • Provide strong adhesion to materials with high- and low-surface energy.

Advantages of Natural Rubber Based Adhesives:

  • Adheres to a wide range of materials
  • High initial “grab” or tack factor
  • Excellent cohesive strength.

Synthetic Latex Adhesives

Tacky or dry to the touch, based on your needs

Advantages of Synthetic Latex Adhesives:

  • Single surface application (based on instance)
  • Efficient
  • No ammonia odour
  • Does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Does not have to be applied to both the surfaces being adhered to.
  • Ideal where allergens are a concern.

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