Custom Formulations for Unique Applications

We can manufacture standard adhesives we know work in the industries we regularly serve. We’re always working to improve the functional properties of these adhesives, but they rarely require a massive overhaul. But what happens when a customer comes to us in search of an adhesive for a new application, something we’ve never served before? We test a variety of different adhesive formulations in our lab until your need is met.

Analyzing Your Application and Finding a Solution

Our catalogue contains hundreds of adhesive formulations. An adhesive that works well for corrugating in one climate may not work well in another. Bookbinding for different stocks of paper requires modified adhesives.

We can analyze the materials, environment and application you bring to us to craft a custom adhesive formula that performs expertly for your unique business.

Finding You the Most Cost Effective Solution

Rest assured, any adhesive solution that we recommend will always be the most cost effective solution possible. We understand the challenges you face when trying to secure new business. Every input cost, including that of the adhesive you use can make or break an opportunity.

Through our massive catalogue and custom formulating, you can be sure you’re getting the best price for the adhesive you need.

Why Choose Bond Tech Industries
for Your Custom Adhesive Needs?

What Else Might You Need?

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Whatever your sticky need might be, we have the most cost effective solution out there. Contact us today to start working with the best adhesives around.


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