Book Binding Adhesive Glue

Book Binding Adhesive GlueFor publishers, book binding adhesive glue is crucial to success because if the book adhesive doesn’t hold, the reader will know. That is the trick with book adhesives—nobody notices them when they work, but everybody notices when they fail. For publishers who want to maintain a reputation for putting out quality books, they need good writing, good paper and the thing that holds it all together—the right glue.

Book Adhesives

Bond Tech carries a wide array of bookbinding adhesives to suit every paper and equipment type.

  • Case making
  • Casing In
  • Joint gluing
  • Hinge (Hot melt and Water based solutions)
  • Spine (Hot melt and Water based solutions)
  • Tipping

Publishing Joys

We’re proud to say that with our reach within the adhesive market and our well-established customer base, it is not a stretch to say that the books we have helped make have been in the hands of every reader in Canada.

Canada is home to some of the best writers, artists and publishing houses in the world. From large presses to small and independent presses, from business publishing houses to publishers of technical manuals, Canada publishes tens of thousands of titles a year, meaning that millions of individual books enter the market each year. That’s a lot of books—and a lot of glue.

Bond Tech has worked with Bookbinders—large and small—for decades and we’ve developed formulas, specialized book adhesives and well-priced, high grade glues that have contributed to the quality and reputation of Canada’s publishing world.

Competing with Ebooks

The rise of ebooks has had a particular effect on publishing—people who buy physical books are looking more and more for high quality books. The book is now a work of art, a collectible. Never before has the quality of the physical book—the paper, the art and the glue—been so important.

Bookbinders who want quality book adhesive and the expertise of a company with successful history in Bookbinding need to look no further than Bond Tech.

Contact us today to learn how a high quality adhesive can charm more readers.