Book Binding Adhesive Glue

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Products to suit every paper and equipment type:


  • Case Making
  • Casing In
  • Joint Gluing
  • Tipping

Suggested Product:

Perfect binding Hot Melt for Spine HM8006
Application Temperatures:350°F
Viscosities (@350°F):1000cps – 1200cps
Set speeds:Medium
Open Time:Medium
Form:Hot Melt Chicklets
Packaging:50 lb/22.7 kg or 35 lb/13.7kg

Why Choose Bond Tech Industries for Your Your Book Binding Adhesive Glue?

Impeccable Quality

For publishers to maintain a reputation for putting out quality books, they need a quality book binding adhesive to hold it all together. That’s why we offer a range of options for PH Neutral & Acid-Free PVA glue including EVA, Metallocene and PUR hot melts.

Extensive, Canada-Wide Experience

  • Large to small / independent printing houses.
  • Business or technical publishing.
  • Specialized solutions to meet the unique needs of book binders big and small.

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