Packaging Adhesive

Please: judge a book by its cover. Or in the case of packaging, judge what’s inside by the quality of the packaging.

Packaging AdhesiveAn attractive, well-designed consumer package or shipping package can’t do its job if it won’t stay closed. That’s why packaging adhesive is so important—no box is complete without good glue.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the adhesive market for so many years, Bond Tech has developed a set of criteria for packaging adhesive that every company involved in packaged products should consult. When we sit down with a client to talk about needs, we ask the right kinds of questions so that our clients walk away with the packaging adhesive that suits the specialized needs of their package, whether it’s:

At Bond Tech, it is always function over form. We make sure that the adhesive we provide to our customers can handle the weight it must carry, survive the bumps of travel and weather the various temperatures that a package faces as it travels to the end destination. Durability is paramount and that’s what customers get when they buy packaging adhesive from Bond Tech.

High Grade Adhesives for Any Job

POP Displays High Grade Adhesives for Any JobNo matter what your packaging needs, Bond Tech has the right solution for you. We supply packaging adhesive to suit any job and any need, including:

  • Bag manufacturing (Duplexing, bottom pastes and side seams)
  • Bottle labeling
  • Can labeling
  • Case and carton sealing
  • Folding carton
  • Tube winding, composite cans, core winding

Among the many benefits of our packaging adhesive, customers will see that our anti-skid, anti-slip formulations preserve the overall quality of the products they produce.

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Not all packaging adhesive is the same. Any company that says one glue fits all does not know the ins and outs of the packaging industry. That’s why it’s best to work with the best.

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