Dry Blend Adhesives
and Starch Based Adhesives

PVOH Based Adhesives

An economical solution for large volume needs

Typical applications:

  • Angle boards
  • Edge protectors


  • Ready-to-use version
  • Dry ingredient delivery (add water on site)
  • Custom tailored formulations
  • Single bag mix, semi-mixes, and equipment
Application Temperatures:150°C or cold
Viscosities (@350°F):800cps – 6000cps
Set speeds:Med-Fast
Open time:Short-Med
Form:Dry powder
Packaging:50 lb/22.7 kg Bags, Super Sacks

Starch based Adhesives

Modified carrier starches to “one bag mixes”

Typical applications:

  • Corrugating board manufacturing.

Product Range:

  • One bag mixes – everything you need is in the bag!
  • Concentrate mixes – All you need is water and your own starch!
  • Operator friendly mixes – No need to handle caustic, boric etc. because its already been done for you!
Application Temperatures:Varies
Viscosities (@350°F):100cps – 9000cps
Set speeds:Medium
Open time:Short-Med
Form:Dry Powder
Packaging:50 lb/22.7 kg Bags, Super Sacks

Gelatin based Adhesives

Supplied as a “one bag mix” for greater shelf life


  • Powder

Typical applications:

Application Temperatures:65°C
Viscosities (@350°F):1000cps – 9000cps
Set speeds:Medium
Open time:Medium
Form:Dry Powder
Packaging:50 lb/22.7 kg Bags, Super Sacks

Why Choose Bond Tech Industries
for your Dry Blend & Starch Based Adhesives?

Wide Range of Adhesives to Choose From:

  • PVA Blends
  • PVOH Blends
  • Starch Blends
  • Gelatin Blends
  • Water Resistant
  • Hot Melt Powder


  • Operator friendly: Removes the guesswork out of batch making
  • Customer-centric: Formulations based on your equipment
  • Cost-effective
  • Effective and superior performance
  • Responsive based on your needs: One bag mix or semi-mix available
  • Batch consistency
  • Equipment manufacturing


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