Let Us Produce for You

If you have a product you need made but your company doesn’t have the capacity to produce it, Bond Tech Industries can toll produce for you in confidence.

  • You can use your own formulation and receive our confidentiality guarantee. Our infrastructure will do the grunt work and your secrets will remain yours.
  • You can use one of our many proven formulations. If you’re not quite sure of the best adhesive for the job, we can help.
  • You can use your own packaging markings and sizes. Our flexibility means you won’t be restricted by foreign constraints. You can do things just how you’ve always done them.
  • You can request blind shipments, ensuring a high degree of confidentiality.

Why Choose Bond Tech Industries
for Your Toll Produce Needs?

Years of Broad Ranging Experience

Bond Tech has manufactured specialized adhesives for use in product assembly for decades. In our time in this category, we have developed an expertise in marrying customer needs with our technical know-how to produce quality adhesives that help our clients deliver a quality product.

Our Commitment to the Customer

We are dedicated to enabling our customers to become highly successful enterprises and building long-term relationships by being responsive, pertinent and by consistently delivering the value our customers expect.

If you’d like to learn more about our toll produce service, or any other service we offer, get in touch with one of our expert staff and we’ll be happy to walk you through all your options.


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