Tube/Core winding / Angle Board / Honeycomb

Bond Tech’s expertise in winding and board laminating goes beyond simply knowing how to manufacture product. After so many years of working with top tier members of the industry, we know the business from the back-end to the front-end, from the newest technology to the old standards, from material sourcing to end product and installation.

Tube Winding Angle Board Honeycomb

In an industry where precision, reliability and durability matter, Bond Tech works to make sure that the adhesives we deliver satisfy all regulatory demands and meet the needs of every project with accuracy and quality. We do this by staying current with the latest technological advances, by learning from the experiences of the customers we serve and by watching how changes in material engineering change our business. We stay ahead of changes in the market so that you can stay ahead of the pack.

We supply adhesives that work in all manner of construction areas, including:

  • Construction tubes
  • Water resistance
  • Mailer tubes
  • Hard angle board (edge protectors)
  • Honeycomb

Our most popular laminating adhesives might be a great fit for your job.

A Reputation for Quality

We have developed a portfolio of experiences from every project we’ve worked on. When you work with us, you gain the benefit of so many years in business and so many projects completed to spec.

Bond Tech is quickly building a reputation as a “go to” company for all your winding and board laminating needs. Being a “me too” manufacturer is not our way of thinking. With our unique innovations and formulations, Bond Tech raises the standards for quality product and superior customer service in this industry.

When we work with customers, we make sure their needs and goals are realized in the end product. We do this by providing a level of customer service not seen in the adhesives because our business is your satisfaction with the product, the pricing and the service we deliver.

For details on how we can help your business build better products, contact us today