Worker on computer to mix glue - Toll Manufacturing for Adhesives: Everything You Need to Know

Toll Manufacturing for Adhesives: Everything You Need to Know

Need to scale up your adhesive production but concerned about overloading your resources? Welcome to the world of toll manufacturing for adhesives. Discover how this innovative strategy allows you to expand your production capacity without the stress.   What Is Toll Manufacturing?  Toll manufacturing, also known as contract blending, involves outsourcing the production of complex products

Carpenter wearing a mask while working with glue - Know the Dangers: Common Toxic Chemicals in Adhesives 

Know the Dangers: Common Toxic Chemicals in Adhesives

Adhesives are essential for a wide range of applications, from DIY projects to industrial manufacturing. However, some common adhesives may contain toxic chemicals that can pose health risks.   Here, we’ll discuss the harmful components found in everyday glues and share ways to minimize your exposure.  1. Formaldehyde  Formaldehyde is a common chemical used in various

Environmentally friendly concept, hands holding green earth -

How Do Industrial Adhesives Impact the Environment?

At Bond Tech Industries, we’ve noticed the industrial adhesive product industry continues to experience a trend away from low-cost natural materials for glues toward synthetic adhesives. The trend is driven by improvements in adhesive technology for improved bonds with more substrate types as well as the need to meet strict environmental regulations. New environmentally compatible

Glue being placed on wood block - How to Properly Store Different Types of Adhesives

How to Properly Store Different Types of Adhesives

Proper storage of adhesives and glues ensures their longevity and effectiveness. That said, different types of adhesives have different storage requirements. In this post, we outline the general guidelines for storing popular adhesives, including storage temperatures, environmental considerations, and more.   Storing Adhesives: A Quick Guide  Water-based adhesives (e.g., PVA, Dextrin, PVOH): Store in a

3 Reasons Why Your Water Based Adhesives Aren’t Working

Water-based adhesives are one of the most versatile and widely used adhesives because of its universal applications and ease of use. Bond Tech Industries offers a wide range of water-based adhesives for many applications in the adhesives industry, and for decades, customers have come to us to fulfill their water-based adhesive product requirements. Why Water-Based

Are Glue Sticks Right for Your Application?

Glue sticks are used with great success across a huge variety of industries. But just because they are common across so many applications doesn’t mean hot melt adhesive sticks are right for yours. Make sure you get the right adhesives for your job by calling us to talk about your intended use, or read through