Two women on factory floor looking at tablet - Toll Manufacturing vs. Contract Manufacturing: Determining the Right Fit

Two women on factory floor looking at tablet - Toll Manufacturing vs. Contract Manufacturing: Determining the Right Fit

When it comes to manufacturing adhesives, choosing the right production approach is necessary for profitability. Here, we present an insightful comparison between toll manufacturing and contract manufacturing for adhesives so businesses can make informed decisions. 

Toll Manufacturing: A Focused Approach 

Toll production is a streamlined method where businesses provide raw materials or semi-finished goods to a third-party manufacturer. The toll manufacturer then completes the production process, adhering to the provided specifications. This approach allows businesses to maintain greater control over raw materials and the production cycle. 

Contract Manufacturing: A Comprehensive Solution 

Contract manufacturing encompasses the entire production cycle, from sourcing raw materials to final product delivery. It’s a holistic solution for businesses that prefer to outsource the entire manufacturing process, including quality control and sometimes distribution. 

Toll vs. Contract Manufacturing 

Key Differences 

  • Raw Material Sourcing: In toll manufacturing, the client supplies the raw materials, whereas in contract manufacturing, the manufacturer procures all necessary materials. 
  • Control and Flexibility: Toll manufacturing offers the business more control over the production process and materials used. 
  • Cost Structure: Toll manufacturing usually involves a fee for the production service, excluding material costs, offering a more predictable cost structure. 

Key Similarities 

  • Outsourcing Production: Both methods involve partnering with a third-party manufacturer to produce goods. 
  • Quality Assurance: Both require rigorous quality control to meet the client’s specifications. 
  • Expertise and Efficiency: Toll and contract manufacturers bring specialized expertise and equipment, often leading to higher efficiency and quality. 

Choosing the Right Model for Your Business 

The decision between toll and contract manufacturing depends on your business’s specific needs. Toll manufacturing is ideal for companies with established raw material sources and a desire for more control over the production process. In contrast, contract manufacturing suits businesses looking for a comprehensive, hands-off approach to production. 

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