Work with the Right Glue Manufacturer

Don’t let the wrong adhesive lower the quality of your product or process

Your application is unique and requires a range of industrial adhesives with different properties.
You can get industrial adhesives for:



Get all the adhesives your varied applications require from one supplier and streamline your ordering process.
Contact us and we’ll help your team find the most economical, effective adhesives to get your job done.

What kind of industrial adhesives do you need?

You can find industrial adhesives with a wide range of characteristics in our factory.

Get the industrial adhesives and service your business needs to improve product quality and reduce operating expenses now!

Create a lasting bond

We are committed to developing lasting bonds with customers. When you choose Bond Tech as your adhesive provider, you don’t just get the adhesive. You get the technical knowledge and expertise accumulated over decades in the adhesive services business.

Bond… with quality

Other glue manufacturers and adhesive suppliers compromise on
quality or service. This is never the case with Bond Tech. We never
recommend a product we wouldn’t use ourselves. After all, our
reputation is on the line!

As an adhesive manufacturer and adhesive solutions provider,
we work to deliver something more than just another water based
glue, hot melt or dry blend adhesive—we strive to make your
business better.

Do you want a better adhesive and better service at the best price?
Contact us today to speak with one of our adhesive experts and get the right industrial adhesives for your application today.

BTI Bond Tech Industries Inc.
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