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Bondtech 15 Anniversary

Who is Bond Tech?

Bond Tech is an adhesive manufacturer providing high quality products for industrial and consumer applications.

With over 18 years of experience as a glue manufacturer and adhesive solutions provider, we have built our business on delivering professional advice, quality adhesives and innovative thinking to our customers.

What does Bond Tech do?

We manufacture a wide range of adhesives, including water-based, hot melt, and dry-blended adhesives. Because of our extensive experience in the adhesives industry, Bond Tech has brought important technological developments to the market and elevated standards of service and quality.

Creating a Lasting Bond

Bond Tech has a strong commitment to developing lasting bonds with customers.

When you choose Bond Tech as your adhesive provider, you not only receive an adhesive— you also get the technical knowledge and expertise that we have developed after so many successful years in the adhesive services business.

Bond… With Quality

Other glue manufacturers and adhesive suppliers compromise on quality. This is never the case with Bond Tech.

We never recommend a product that we wouldn’t use ourselves. After all, our reputation is on the line and as an adhesive manufacturer and adhesive solutions provider, we work to deliver something more than just another water based glue, hot melt or dry blend adhesive—we strive to make your business better.

Our motto is “Bond…with Quality.”

It’s a line that speaks to the commitment we’ve made to quality bonding products— we help make your products look great and function optimally.

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