Easy Troubleshooting Tips
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Sometimes you just want to tinker with a problem and sort it out for yourself. If you’re the kind of person that likes to do some troubleshooting before you call in reinforcements, this free troubleshooting guide is a resource you can’t miss.

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The Bond Tech Industries Guide

From the guide:

There are 4 reasons you might run into poor adhesion with your hot melt.

  • If you notice that the adhesive is mostly on one surface, it is likely the result of a short ‘open time’ or a very difficult to bond surface. Try increasing the temperature of the adhesive in the interim and contact your adhesive provider.
  • If the adhesive is on both surfaces but is showing “legs” the bond of the adhesive may have been disturbed while still in a semi-molten state. You should check the compression, lower your adhesive temperature or switch to a faster setting adhesive.
  • If the surface of the adhesive is glossy in appearance or no fibre tear is present, there may have been little to no contact of the surfaces being adhered. Try adjusting the pressure to keep the glued surfaces together while the hot melt cools.
  • If there is an easy separation of the bond and/or no fibre tear, an improper adhesive may have been selected. We recommend trying a more suitable product (which we’re happy to produce).

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This is a comprehensive guide to the common challenges users run into with dry blend, water-based, hot melt and woodworking adhesives, as well as common general adhesive application issues.

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