Get More from your Paper Canvas

Paper converting often involves operations like slitting, rewinding, punching, folding, treating, sheeting – not exactly services you would expect from an adhesive manufacturer. But paper converting can also involve adhesives to construct a bag, build a box, corrugate or laminate multiple sheets together… processes which we’re more than comfortable with. In our quest to offer a complete solution to our clients’ adhesive requirements, we offer paper converting products on an industrial scale.

What Do You Need?

Our adhesives can build your envelopes, bags, folding cartons, paper tubes for paper towels or industrial paper rolls, or anything else you could need where paper meets adhesive.

Holding Fast to Quality

Each job needs a thorough examination of the needs, environments, users and end uses. Such a detailed investigation takes expertise in adhesives that few companies possess. Bond Tech has it!

Why Choose Bond Tech Industries for Your Paper converting Needs?

What you can expect from Bond Tech…

When we sit down with a client to discuss projects in the paper converting category, we make a comprehensive study of the project needs and goals. We work to make the adhesives we supply match the needs of the project without compromising on quality. What you can expect from Bond Tech is consideration for the project budget and timelines, a commitment to quality service and products and an adhesive that holds fast.

For manufacturers who are looking to expand their business into the paper converting category, contact us today to learn how adhesives in this category differ from glues you might already be familiar with.

For customers already working in this category, call us to find out how our commitment to service and quality adhesives can improve the performance of your products.


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