Bond Tech: Top Among Adhesive Services and Suppliers

Of all the adhesive suppliers in Canada, only Bond Tech provides such a wide range of service, product, training, industry knowledge and tools to improve the quality of your end-results.

Toll Produce: Get the Right Equipment

One of the challenges with creating innovative products is having the right equipment to do the job. This isn’t an impossible challenge. Not for Bond Tech. If you have a adhesive that you need to manufacture but don’t have the right equipment or are restricted geographically, Bond Tech can toll produce for you in confidence.

We’ll teach you how to speak the language of the adhesive industry so that no supplier talks over your head.

On Site Employee Seminars

Business runs better when people know all aspects of their business. Bond Tech can design and perform employee seminars at your facility to help your operators use adhesives to their maximum potential. A well-trained staff improves productivity, reduces downtime and eliminates unnecessary waste. More than that, with a firm working knowledge of adhesives, employees and business owners can make better decisions about how they produce and cost projects and how they work with adhesive suppliers.

Adhesive Audits

Even if you don’t do business with Bond Tech, you can request an adhesive audit . One of our trained technical sales representatives will visit your plant to determine whether your operation is using the correct adhesive for the job and what, if any, improvements can be made to increase your efficiency and bottom line.

Call today to learn more about how you can build your industry knowledge in adhesives.

Custom Formulations

Bond Tech has hundreds of adhesive formulations in its catalogue because, unlike some of our competitors, we understand that every customer is different. An adhesive that does the job at one location may not work at another location that does the exact same thing because materials change, environments change, uses change and equipment can vary.

If necessary, we will custom formulate a product that is tailored for your specific needs—a level of service that guarantees your adhesives keeps its resolve for as long as you need it to.