Bond Tech Industries Adhesive Services

Training, Custom Formulations, and Audits

Make better decisions for your business needs

When you bring the right adhesive products into your facility and learn how to use them correctly, you maximize efficiency, reduce downtime, and cut back on unnecessary waste.

producing industrial adhesives

Toll Produce

If you have a custom formulation, but not the means to produce it, Bond Tech Industries can manufacture it to your specifications while maintaining the confidentiality of any proprietary information.

custom adhesive formulation

Custom Formulations

Bring your unique requirements to Bond Tech Industries and our team will analyze your application and develop an adhesive that meets your performance, equipment, and budgetary objectives.

industrial adhesive audits

Adhesive Audits

Concerned about the efficiency of your current adhesive? Even if you’re not a Bond Tech Industries customer, a technical adhesive audit determines if you’re using the best product for your needs and whether a more reliable, cost-effective alternative exists.

On-Site Employee Seminars

Bond Tech Industries can develop and present employee seminars at your facility to help all members of your team, including:

  • Operators to better use adhesives to their maximum effectiveness.
  • Logistics officers to help products and packaging safely reach their destination without compromising adhesive performance.
  • Finance administrators to ensure budgets and expenditures are always adhered to.

Why Choose Bond Tech Industries
for Your Adhesive Service Needs?

Honesty and Integrity:

At the conclusion of your adhesive audit, if it’s determined that your current adhesive does everything it should, we’ll tell you. There’s no pressure to switch to Bond Tech Industries or purchase something you don’t need.

Guarantees and Support:

  • We guarantee that your adhesive products will keep their resolve as needed.
  • 100% support towards your business, your customers, and your needs.


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