Laminating Adhesives for Packaging

Customized Laminating Adhesives for your Specific Application

Excellent lay flat characteristics, fast drying, and exceptional adhesion is what you can expect from our laminating adhesives

Substrate Applications:

  • Metal Foils
  • Plastics
  • Foams

Laminating Adhesive Products:


Application Temperatures:Ambient
Viscosities (@75°F):500cps – 9000cps
Set speeds:Medium – Long
Open Time:Medium – Long
Packaging:Pails, drums, totes

Why Choose Bond Tech Industries for Laminating Adhesives?


  • Exceptional lay flat characteristics.
  • Quick cycle times to slitting and die cutting.
  • Exquisite clarity on clear film lamination surfaces.
  • Impressive substrate versatility (film-to-film and film-to-metalized).
  • Increased resistance to heat, chemicals, water, and humidity.

Eco-Friendly Products

  • Solvent-free laminating adhesives reduce emission concerns
  • No leftover odours to impact package contents.
  • Environmentally friendly and long-lasting bonds.

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