Industrial Adhesives Manufacturers

Bond Tech’s reputation for delivering quality industrial adhesive products comes in part from our product selection. Bond Tech has hundreds of established, proven adhesives and if need be, creates customized industrial adhesive formulations to suit each customer’s individual product needs.

The industrial adhesives we have in regular supply include:

Custom-designed Industrial Adhesive Products

corrugated adhesive products In addition to maintaining stock in popular adhesives, Bond Tech has the technology and expertise to manufacture customized adhesive formulations for any industrial need, including:

  • Bookbinding: Bond Tech works closely with bookbinders about what readers and book manufacturers need.
  • Packaging: Bond Tech stays current with the latest in packaging adhesives.
  • Product Assembly: Technology in product assembly and product materials constantly changes. Bond Tech understands the science of adhesives and how to make products last.
  • Paper Converting: Alter your paper products to better suit the needs of your business.
  • Tube Winding, Core Winding, Angle Boards, Honeycomb: Bond Tech’s product selection offers an array of industrial adhesive products for common uses.
  • Corrugating: Corrugating can’t happen without glue and Bond Tech keeps current in this popular category.

With more than 80 years of combined experience working with industrial adhesives means that Bond Tech deliver what customers need, no matter how unique the situation might be.

Every project poses unique challenges, whether it is an environment that demands durable adhesives or materials that don’t work with normal adhesives. Strong, lasting adhesives require attentive customer service, an analysis of the problem and an examination of the kind of adhesive that will do the job best.

Quality Assured

Every adhesive Bond Tech sells comes with 100% quality assurance and technical support. We stand behind our work because we want to see our customer succeed. Quality industrial adhesive products and quality customer service from Bond Tech…BOND, with quality!

Contact us today and see what industrial glue we can provide for you.