Bond Tech endorses hot melt glue stick guns from suppliers that deliver the quality, accuracy, durability, affordability and range-of-use that so many manufacturers require.

  • Quality: Like a contagion, poor quality products contaminate your reputation if substandard materials make their way into the manufacturing process. That’s why Bond Tech supports leading suppliers to deliver products that do the job right the first time – and that goes for hot melt glue stick guns. All glue stick guns available from Bond Tech meet our standard for quality of material, quality craftsmanship and quality product.
  • Accuracy: Inaccurate glue stick guns waste glue, clot, clog nozzles and don’t always put the glue where it needs to go. The hot melt glue stick guns available through Bond Tech offers customers the most accurate and cleanest streaming glue flows on the market.
  • Durability: Composed of high grade materials, these hot melt glue stick guns are durable, perfect for busy work sites or the regular wear-and-tear of life inside a manufacturing plant.
  • Affordability: When a product is durable and lasts, it lowers the overall cost of the product. And when the cost of the product is better-than-competitive, customers get more for their dollar. That’s what our partners’ commitment to competitive pricing delivers.

Why Choose Bond Tech Industries
for Your Glue Stick Gun Needs?


Not all glue stick guns are right for every project. We recommend a range of hot melt glue stick guns to meet the needs of every project—from work in the field to work on the assembly line. Our comprehensive knowledge of the adhesive market and manufacturing processes means that customers get the best advice about what kind of glue stick gun deserves their attention.

hot melt industrial glue gun

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