Fugitive Adhesive (Removable Glue)

Easily Removeable Adhesive Glue for Your Application

Low-tack, removeable adhesive, most commonly used on non-pourous surfaces.


  • Credit cards
  • Mailing campaigns
  • Magazines


  • Removeable
  • Won’t tear paper
  • Low or no residue
  • Low cost per unit
Application Temperatures: Room Temperatures
Viscosities (@75°F): 3000cps – 6000cps
Set speeds: Slow
Open Time: Long
Form: Water based
Packaging: Totes, Drums, Pails

Why Choose Bond Tech Industries
for your Fugitive Glue/Booger Glue?

Easy application:

  • Available as fugitive glue dots.
  • Can be dispensed with handheld gun, automated dispenser, or manually by hand.
  • Provides a clean, instant bond.
  • No mess, residue, or odour.
  • Ideal for high-output applications where fast curing is required.


Custom formulations available

  • Formulated for niche applications.
  • Can be made tackier or with better performance in cold environments.
  • Available as a hot-melt or water-based formulation.


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