Product Assembly

Product adhesive assembly

It is possible, someday in the far future, that manufacturers will be able to build products entirely without adhesives. But that day is far, far away, and until then, manufacturers need adhesives that stand up to wear-and-tear.

Bond Tech has manufactured specialized adhesives for use in product assembly for decades. In our time in this category, we have developed an expertise in marrying customer needs with our technical know-how to produce quality adhesives that help our clients deliver a quality product.

Bond Tech supplies adhesives and glues to a range of products, including:

  • General assembly
  • Wood working
  • POP Displays
  • RF Press
  • Foam fabricating
  • Laminating
  • Veneering and splicing

Building to Spec

Quality supply of adhesivesCustomers can count on Bond Tech to supply adhesives that improve the overall quality of their products. At Bond Tech, we believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right—with the right adhesive. That’s why we help our clients build their products to last, to budget and to what customers want.

  • Build it to last: Products built to last have long reputations, and products that last need adhesives that can live as long as the product. At Bond Tech, we work hard to make sure the adhesives are the last thing to fail in a product.
  • Build it to budget: In industrial manufacturing, every cent counts, and every cent over budget multiplies with every unit that crosses the conveyor belt. Bond Tech’s commitment to quality customer service and product means that we treat your budget with paramount importance and deliver affordable adhesives without compromising quality. We never compromise on quality.
  • Build it to what customers want: Customers drive the market and savvy manufacturers chase customers and give them what they want. This requires flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt to new realities. With Bond Tech, customers can count on us to move quickly to deliver adhesives to fit every new manufacturing situation as they arise.

To learn more about how Bond Tech can improve your product assembly procedures, contact us by phone today.