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Carpenter wearing a mask while working with glue - Know the Dangers: Common Toxic Chemicals in Adhesives 

Know the Dangers: Common Toxic Chemicals in Adhesives

Adhesives are essential for a wide range of applications, from DIY projects to industrial manufacturing. However, some common adhesives may contain toxic chemicals that can pose health risks.   Here, we’ll discuss the harmful components found in everyday glues and share ways to minimize your exposure.  1. Formaldehyde  Formaldehyde is a common chemical used in various

Glue being placed on wood block - How to Properly Store Different Types of Adhesives

How to Properly Store Different Types of Adhesives

Proper storage of adhesives and glues ensures their longevity and effectiveness. That said, different types of adhesives have different storage requirements. In this post, we outline the general guidelines for storing popular adhesives, including storage temperatures, environmental considerations, and more.   Storing Adhesives: A Quick Guide  Water-based adhesives (e.g., PVA, Dextrin, PVOH): Store in a

Why Does My Glue Look Strange? Troubleshooting Glue Appearance Issues

You don’t want to see any adhesive on your finished product. A good adhesive does all its work behind the scenes. So, if you notice chalky lines or any other glue appearance issues, you may have a problem. Unsightly glue lines turn a great project, package or product from success to failure. But you don’t

Using glue in auto industry to attach windshield to car -

What’s New in Adhesives: Improve Your Application

If your adhesives don’t perform as well as you want, try something new. You can work with us on a custom formulation for your unique application, or find a new adhesive product to bond better in your working conditions. If your adhesives don’t perform as expected in your application, invest in a better solution. It’ll

How Cold Temperatures Impact Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Now that we’re in the middle of winter, it seems like an appropriate time to look at how low temperatures affect the performance of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs). A quick refresher: PSAs are the glue substance you would find on products like: Post-it notes Self-adhesive envelopes Bandages Price labels Tapes Packaging Lastly, PSAs are visco-elastic polymers.

Effects of Summer Heat on Adhesives

Adhesives are typically composed of polymers. This means that their viscoelastic natures, what makes them sticky and stretchy, are constantly affected by any changes in temperature. This effect changes depending on whether the adhesive is plastic or resin based. Since there is such a varying degree of how temperature effects each type of adhesive, some