Adhesive Shelf Life and Storage Conditions Explained

Is your product or packaging not sticking even though you’re using the same adhesive product as always? Your glue may be expired. Unfortunately, glues lose their adhesive properties over time due to the breakdown of their ingredients. Some adhesives will resist this process longer than others.  

Plus, you can keep your glues in good condition for longer if you store them in the right conditions. Below, we’ll explain what you need to know about glue storage conditions and adhesive shelf life.

Shelf-Life Conditions 

Each formulation is a little different and will need to be kept in specific conditions. However, in general, your glue may be sensitive to: 

  • Humidity 
  • Temperature 
  • Light conditions 

In general, adhesives need to be kept out of direct sunlight, out of high humidity environments, and at stable temperatures that are not too hot or cold. However, all adhesives have different requirements, and you should certainly talk to professionals about how to store your product properly. 

When storing your adhesive, you should implement a FIFO (first in, first out) approach…using your oldest stock first. Therefore, your storage should be set up so that the oldest adhesives are easily accessible and the newest are tucked away. 

Water-Based Adhesives 

How long will your water-based adhesive last? That depends. It may be best to use your product within three to nine months. Much depends on the specific formulation and how you store it. Your adhesive sales representative can assist with this. 

Freezing conditions severely damage almost all water-based adhesives, so if you use these products, your storage needs to be temperature controlled. It is also typically best to keep these glues out of direct sunlight and in a relatively dry environment. 

Hot Melt 

Hot melt glues are very resilient. However, some care is still required. Typically, hot melts need to be used before the one-year mark, but it does vary by individual product. They also need to be kept in moderate temperatures, moderate humidity, and out of direct sunlight. 

What About My Custom Adhesive? 

Bond Tech makes many different custom adhesives and can make a specific formulation that best suits your needs. When you’re working with such a product, you need to be sure that you understand its particular needs. For example, some of the custom adhesives we create need to be kept colder than average. Also, you should know when your adhesive’s shelf life ends and when its quality will begin to dip and use the glue before this point. We can talk to you about your glue’s needs and shelf life at length if you reach out to our staff.  

The team at Bond Tech is ready to answer your questions about storing glue, choosing glue storage containers, and the specific shelf-life for your adhesive. Reach out to us with any and all questions you have about using and storing adhesives.   

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