Why Hot Melt Adhesives Might be Better for Your Application

Why Hot Melt Adhesives Might be Better for Your Application Many manufacturers choose water-based adhesives because: They offer good resistance to heat, chemical and water influences. They can be more economical than alternatives. But hot melt adhesives can be more effective, depending on your application. Hot melt adhesives set quickly and maintain strong bonds across

What’s New in Adhesives | New Adhesives to Improve Your Application

New adhesives to improve your application. If your adhesives don’t perform as well as you want, try something new, You can work with us on a custom formulation for your unique application, or find a new product to bond better in your working conditions. If your adhesives don’t perform as expected in your application, invest

4 Reasons Your Woodworking Adhesive Isn’t Working

Why your woodworking adhesive isn’t working. Woodworking adhesives generally create ultra-strong bonds. But occasionally you might run into one of the following problems: Poor penetration. Adhesive sets too quickly. Adhesives sets too slowly. Poor matching. The solution to your woodworking adhesives troubles is here. Poor penetration. If your adhesive isn’t digging deep enough into the

3 Reasons Why Your Water Based Adhesives Aren’t Working

Water-based adhesives are one of the most versatile and widely used adhesives because of its universal applications and ease of use. Bond Tech Industries offers a wide range of water-based adhesives for many applications in the adhesives industry, and for decades, customers have come to us to fulfill their water-based adhesive product requirements. Why Water-Based

Why Does My Glue Look Different?

When it comes to glue lines and appearance, less is more. Unsightly glue lines or mistakes can take a great project or product and ruin it, but there are ways to prevent this from happening. Bond Tech is dedicated to getting the job done right the first time, in the most resourceful manner possible. That’s

New Adhesive Products For 2017

Bond Tech is excited to announce some new additions to our already extensive adhesive lineup. Here are four of the best products for the new year that are sure to increase your work productivity. 1. Glue Dots No equipment? No problem! As an official reseller, Bond Tech now offers Glue Dots! For those who don’t

Hot Melt vs. Water-Based Adhesives

Adhesives are used virtually everywhere to perform a variety of tasks, and the strength of the glue needed depends on the job. Whether it be packaging products, adhering rubber to rubber, assembling furniture, or using adhesives in an industrial environment, having a reliable and high-quality adhesive can make all the difference. Do you know which