VOC Adhesive

Health concerns in relation to consumer products has never been more prevalent than it is today. As we start to understand more of the effects that some products can have on us, we are actively looking to correct these problems. This can be seen in the world of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) adhesives in particular.

What are VOCs?

VOCs are a group of chemicals found in adhesives that have been used for over 50 years and have been a culprit of various health concerns and contributing to air pollution via smog. In the past, school children used glue that gave off toxic fumes, which was eliminated over time in favour of alternatives. This was also the case for other VOC adhesives, which for many years went unchecked for hazardous materials that contributed to environmental and health problems, but which we continued to use in everyday applications.

Solving The Problem

Now that we have better identified the impact of VOC adhesives, we have been able to work toward low VOC adhesive alternatives as the demand for safer products grows. With new laws passed in California revolving around spray adhesives, it’s important to see how our country is dealing with this issue to help protect us from substances that are used in the construction of homes, furniture, packaging and more.

New Laws for VOC Adhesives

California has recently passed laws that will require specific categories of spray adhesives to better comply with more stringent VOC requirements. A number of products are affected by this law, with mist spray adhesive being one of the biggest culprits.

The spray adhesives made in California will now need to have a VOC weight of 30% or less, which is down from the old weight of 65%. Web spray adhesives and screen-printing adhesives are down to 40% from 55%.

VOC Adhesive Laws in Canada

Canada took steps towards cutting down on VOCs a decade ago, and varying prohibitions have come into effect over the past five years that have altered the way items that may contain VOCs can be manufactured, sold and imported.

A number of new products are being unveiled with a major focus on being well below the 30% threshold. Consumers are demanding safer alternatives, and the companies that are listening are going to thrive. When looking for a spray adhesive, look for a can that clearly has the words ‘low VOC’ on it.

VOC Spray Adhesive

Benefits of Low VOC Adhesives

Although VOC adhesives have become more ‘green’, they have often failed in how well they perform, until now. Many industry leaders in adhesives have created low VOC adhesives that are both safe for the environment and the public, as well as high performance.

The Camie 500 and Camie 573 mist sprays are both prime examples of this, which reportedly contain less than 30% VOCs. There are a number of other low VOC adhesives on the market now that can be used in a wide range of applications without worry that they won’t bond or that they only work on a select number of surfaces. These safe alternatives have been highly tested to ensure that they deliver the high-quality performance you expect for a multitude of uses.

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Updated 2023.