A very full post it board!

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Pressure sensitive adhesives are a type of glue with many uses and many names. The simple explanation is that they are a type of glue which forms bonds when pressure is applied to it against a surface. They require no solvent, heat or water to activate, but can require heat to apply.

These newer types of glue have developed many playful nicknames, both formal and informal: credit card glue, fugitive glue, reusable glue, removable glue, and the funnest of all – booger glue. All of these names describe the same glue in variously descriptive and amusing ways.

Factors that come into play with the bond strength includes the obvious: the amount of pressure used is a big influence. Other factors that will influence the bond strength include how clean and free from contaminants the surface being applied to is, how smooth the surface is, and the surface energy of the object being bonded to.

Most of these glues are designed to be used at room temperature. They will lose their tack at lower temperatures and their sheer holding ability will lessen at higher temperatures. You can purchase formulas that work better at a lower or higher temperature if you need it, so be sure to buy the correct formula for your application.

The applications (pun intended) for these types of adhesives are actually quite a bit wider than the obvious post it note use that most people know them for. They can also be used as permanent labels, foil tape for HVAC ducts, attaching the interior trim of automobiles and sound/vibration damping. More commonly they will be found in applications where you will want to apply, remove and even reapply objects to surfaces. This can be as a surface protecting film, masking tape, pricing labels, graphic materials for advertising/sales and skin contact formulas that are meant for medical uses.

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