Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Pressure sensitive adhesives from Bond Tech Industries are designed for maximum strength and durability – regardless of where or how they’re applied. PSA’s can come in liquid form or in a solid form (hot melt). They can provide permanent bonds or can be removable/repositionable. PSA’s are used in many products used in everyday life…

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Regardless of what industry you’re in:

  • Industrial or automotive tapes
  • Consumer good labels
  • Medical tapes, supplies and bandages
  • Protective films/wraps

Bond Tech can manufacture a custom pressure sensitive adhesive to meet your needs.


Our pressure sensitive adhesives include:

  • Hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Water-based pressure sensitive adhesives

Advantages of using Bond Tech pressure sensitive & acrylic adhesives

  • Easy automation of application
  • Saves time in assembly due to short set up and curing times
  • Immediate adhesion allows for manufacturing processes to continue uninterrupted (Hot Melt)
  • Eliminates the need for screws, rivets, clips or drill-holes in product manufacturing
  • Combats cracks and corrosion and helps improve product integrity
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives can create an insulating seal, and sound & vibration control
  • Fast-setting times with Hot Melt PSA’s
  • Environmental resistance and high-adhesive strength for tough-bonding substrates
  • Resistant against negative plasticizing action which occurs with rubber
  • Can tolerate chemical exposure very well
  • Excellent durability, clarity and colour stability
  • Bonds well to surfaces like metal, glass, polyesters and polycarbonates
  • High peel, tack and shear properties