Adhesive Application

  • Spray
  • Brush
  • Roll coat
  • Nozzle
  • Screen print

These application methods are all idea for different circumstances. Read on to learn which is best for yours:



Brushing on an adhesive does not require any expensive equipment- the brush is the simplest of all of the methods. Individual bristles allow you the ability to coat unlevel or irregular surfaces with ease.


Although you are able to coat irregular surfaces with a brush, it is possible that you will end up with areas that have a thicker coating of the adhesive than others. This method usually uses more adhesive than required for bonding, as it is more difficult to control how much product you are applying. The labour costs of doing this job well are typically high.

The final and most significant disadvantage of applying by brush is that not all adhesives can be applied in this manner



Spray is a convenient application method in times where very little adhesive needs to be applied. A thin coat can be sprayed across large areas in little time. It is also very effective at covering an irregular surface evenly.


Because adhesive is atomized, much can be lost into the air and surrounding area. This means that precautions should be taken to prevent inhalation, and that a greater amount of clean up might be required when compared to a more direct application method. Spraying results in more wasted material than other methods.

Roller/Roll Coat


Applying adhesive by a roller system is ideal for applying a precise coating weight to a smooth surface. The simplicity of a roller system means that applications can be made quickly- even automated.


When applying by roller, the application surface must be flat and smooth. Even the slightest irregularity would greatly impact the result.



Nozzle application of an adhesive gives you more control, typically for situations that require limited application into a specific area. With this method, you have precise control of how much is applied, & the potential to have the process automated.


The equipment required for automated application is quite high, & there is zero ability to cover a large area with nozzle application.

Screen Print


Screen printing adhesive gives you precise control over the location of application, and the ability to pattern glue. The capital costs are relatively low, especially when compared with nozzle application.


The screen printing method can be followed by considerable cleanup, which can be labour intensive.

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