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Woodworker using glue on products - Adhesives Explained: Types, Uses & Challenges

What Is an Adhesive?

In the simplest of terms, an adhesive is a substance that binds two objects together. For many people, they think of the following commonly used adhesive products:

However, for product manufacturers, these, and other adhesives provide a distinct production advantage.

That’s because the flexibility and effectiveness of adhesive applications makes it a better manufacturing choice than the use of other bonding techniques, such as sewing or mechanical fastening.

Common Adhesive Uses

Adhesives are used during the manufacturing process of a wide array of products, such as:

Additionally, custom adhesives can be formulated specifically for individual products.

Using Hot Glue for product assembly - Adhesives Explained: Types, Uses & Challenges

Different Types of Adhesives

Different adhesives work in different ways.

That’s why it’s important to use the right adhesive and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Otherwise, you may be using the wrong adhesive for the job – or you may not be using the adhesive properly.

For example:

  • Wood glue bond using chemical reactions. This makes them unsuitable for objects made of other substances, such as metal.

Advancements in Adhesive Products

Advances in science have made it possible to keep adhesives in their packaging from sticking to that packaging. Chemical “solvents” evaporate when the adhesive is exposed to air.

This is why many adhesives have a distinctive smell when applied, which disappears once the glue is dry.

Adhesives such as glue sticks use solvents which are quite safe, while commercial products like spray-on adhesives, might require the use of a mask or other protective equipment during application.

Overcoming Common Adhesive Challenges

The use of quality adhesives is an important part of the manufacturing process.

Poor-quality adhesives can lead to a sub-standard product – especially when it comes to hot-melt adhesives.

If you’re discovering that you’re getting poor-quality adhesion with your hot-melt – an adhesive audit may be in order.

During an audit, an adhesive experts an determine if you’re:

  • Using the incorrect adhesive, which would result in an easy separation of the bond it creates
  • Getting a glossy appearance from your adhesive because it did not come into proper contact (or not at all) with the surfaces being adhered

For a complete list of adhesive challenges – and how to overcome them – download our FREE eBook: Your Guide to Overcoming Adhesive Challenges.

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