Paper being rolled out on paper mill

Paper converting is taking a raw paper material and turning it into a more finished product. This may include lined sheet paper, finished books, packaging and labelling materials, newspaper, or other paper products that are to be sold to the consumer. Depending on the raw product and the finished product, the process of paper converting can involve many steps. All involve precision and advanced equipment which allows the conversion to be done at a large scale.

As a glue manufacturing company that works with those in the paper converting industry, we can let you in on what you need to know about this process.

What is Converting?

Converting is the process of modifying raw materials. So, as you would expect, paper converting is this process but specifically for raw paper materials and paper products. Sometimes the term converting refers just to the process of cutting the large paper roll into smaller rolls of a desired size, but more often converting has come to mean the whole process of turning a raw product into a finished one.

Paper Converter Stages

There are several different stages of paper converting and which stage your materials will need depends on the specific materials you have and the end product that you have in mind. Possible steps of paper conversion include:

  • Collecting raw fibres and turning them into a pulp
  • Taking pulp and straining, bleaching, flattening and drying it into a paper roll
  • Cutting the paper roll into more manageable sizes for machinery
  • Cutting and shaping the smaller rolls into precise shapes and sizes
  • Treating, folding, punching, or otherwise adjusting the paper

Adhering paper products together to form desired booklets, shapes, envelopes, bags, paper rolls etc.

There are many different machines and techniques that are used throughout this process. Some examples include:

  • Slitter: This is also called the rewinder. The machine unwinds the large rolls and runs the paper through a series of blades to cut them. It then winds the paper back up into rolls which can then be used in the next step of paper conversion.
  • Roll saw: An alternative to the slitter, a roll saw is a more efficient machine that can cut that larger roll of paper into smaller rolls without actually having to unwind it.

What Role Do Adhesives Play?

Adhesives play an important role at the very end of the paper converting process. Adhesives are necessary to turn the paper into its final product. For example, to adhere several sheets together in the form of a book, create a paper bag, envelope, paper tubes etc.

Paper Converting Services from Bond Tech

Bond Tech offers paper converting services on an industrial scale. Pulp and paper technology has come a long way and so have the adhesives involved. Few companies have the ability to assess which adhesive is best for your paper product’s needs, environments, users and end-users.

Bond Tech is here to help you. We provide a thorough examination of your paper product’s needs and offer you adhesive options that will ensure their quality. Contact the professionals at Bond Tech Industries to discuss your needs.

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