What is Padding Glue?

Padding glue is used in writing padsPadding glue is a type of adhesive product commonly used in the manufacture of writing pads or any ‘tear away’ style paper product.

It is m/productsost commonly used in the graphic arts industry for binding different varieties of forms and notepads.

Types of Padding Compound

Other uses of padding compound are in padding together applications and also in coupon payment books. There are two types of padding compound which result into different types of glue formed from each type. These include:

  • Common Padding glue
  • No Carbon Required Glue

Common Padding glue mainly consists of a white, thick glue. The Carbon Required Glue (CRG) derives its name from the fact that it is commonly used on No Carbon Required Paper.

Padding Compound Vs No Carbon Required Glue

During the manufacturing process, common padding glue is easier to apply compared to NCR glue, which usually takes a little more skill and care during application to prevent excessive wrinkling of sheets.

In some cases, common padding glue may weaken over time and pages or items could peel apart easily.

This is not the case in No Carbon Required Glue. The latter does not weaken overtime hence the sheets stay together until physically peeled apart.

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Requirements when using a padding compound

During padding you do require the following:

  • A padding compound
  • A brush to apply the adhesive
  • A knife to separate the pads once glued together, and
  • A clipboard to support the pads

In case you have tons of work that you would like to get done; it is always advisable to acquire a padding press.  This will save you a lot of time and energy since it enables you to pad more sheets at a time.

An advantage of using a padding compound is that it does not pose any health risk to its users.

You may come across challenges during adhesive application like:

  • The bonded items can easily be separated.
  • The adhesive used is showing at the edges of the bonded items.
  • The adhesive forms quite a glossy surface.

These factors may be due to poor application of the adhesive, inadequate pressure application on the bonding items or generally the use of an adhesive poor in quality.

Avoid poor adhesive application

Download this free guide for a straightforward rundown on adhesive application and how to overcome common challenges when using a variety of adhesives types.

Doing it right ensures that regardless of the type of adhesive used, you always get the results you expect.

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Obtaining good quality padding glue is also very essential in attaining satisfying results. It saves you time and the cost of having to keep re-using glue each and every time bonded items keep separating.

To create padding glue with a specific focus on your application, give us a call to talk it over.

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