Fugitive glue – easily removable adhesive glue for your application


Fugitive glue is a low-tack, removable adhesive, most commonly used on non-porous surfaces.

Fugitive glue is available as a hot melt (dots or dispensed hot) or as a water based formulation.

Think of the glue you might find holding a sample product in a magazine or your credit card or bank card to the paper it mails with.

It’s tacky enough to hold them together firmly, but doesn’t tear the paper when removed.

Where fugitive glue most commonly used?

Fugitive glue dots, hot melt and water based peelable glues are most often used in marketing materials.

  • Magazines.
  • Mailing campaigns.
  • Card affixing (credit cards, bank cards, membership cards).

Credit card

It also finds a place in bookbinding, packaging, card tipping, sealants, pallet stabilizing and other niche applications.

Anywhere plastic and paper need easy, temporary adhesion, fugitive glue is good.

How does fugitive glue help my application?

Fugitive glue is a unique material.

It leaves behind low or no residue, has a low cost per unit, and can work with high throughput applications where fast-curing is required.

It’s a proven adhesive solution that can be customized to fit your application.

Custom formulations for your fugitive glue

If your fugitive glue needs a little something different, give us a call.

We create custom formulations for all sorts of niche applications. If you need something a little tackier or with better performance in cold environments, our team can alter the fugitive glue formulation to match your need.

Let our team help create the fugitive glue formulation that improves your product today.