Why your woodworking adhesive isn’t working.

Woodworking adhesives generally create ultra-strong bonds.

But occasionally you might run into one of the following problems:

  • 1. Poor penetration.
  • 2. Adhesive sets too quickly.
  • 3. Adhesives sets too slowly.
  • 4. Poor matching.

The solution to your woodworking adhesives troubles is here.

reasons Why your woodworking adhesive isn’t working1. Poor penetration.

If your adhesive isn’t digging deep enough into the wood to create a strong bond, there are two likely causes.

Penetration issues are often quickly resolved. Your project will be back on track soon.

2. Your adhesive sets too quickly.


reasons Why your woodworking adhesive isn’t working

99 out of 100 cases of quick setting relates to one or a combination of the following three causes.

  • You aren’t using enough adhesive. Apply a thicker layer and see if it remains tacky long enough for proper alignment.
  • Open time is too long. Increasing the machine speed should take care of it.
  • Ambient temperature is too high. You can either reduce the temperature or increase the amount of adhesive used in your process.

3. Adhesive sets too slow.

A common troubleshooting issue is slow adhesive setting. If yours is setting slowly, causing misalignment in your product, it can be solved in one of three ways.

  • Too much adhesive can cause slow setting. Reduce your adhesive volume or increase compression.
  • High humidity in your work area slows adhesion. Apply a smaller amount of adhesive in humid settings.
  • Cold temperatures also slow adhesion. Attempt to work in room temperature environments for best adhesion.

4. Poor matching.

Poor matching can result in a compromised product and the appearance of low quality workmanship.

Woodworking glueTo fix poor matching:

  • Raise the temperature of the adhesive or environment.
  • Clean the reservoir, nozzle or other applicator.
  • Check all equipment for adhesive buildup and remove any excess where found.

Working with wood adhesives should be fast and seamless (pun intended).

If your wood adhesives don’t get the job done after working through these fixes, get in touch with a member of our team.

We’ll help you find the right adhesive for your material and get it to you at the best available price.