Completing an audit assessment -

Completing an audit assessment - What Happens During an Adhesive Audit? What to Know

An adhesive audit performed by Bond Tech Industries can definitively tell you if you’re using the right products for your needs or if there’s a better alternative available.

And while adhesive audits vary from business to business, they all follow a similar process.

1. Assessing your applications

The first step is to understand your business applications. For example, at Bond Tech, we offer adhesive solutions for the following industries:

From there, we dig deeper.

If you’re a bookbinder, what types of books are you binding? Are they small children’s books or large university texts?

For product assembly, what materials are you using? Cardboard? Plastic? Metal? Magnets?

We take the time to know how your adhesives are being used, day-in and day-out.

2. Reviewing your current adhesives

Before we start the audit, we have to know what we’re testing first.

In order to do that, we look at the adhesive formulations you’re currently using:

We’ll look at things like composition, density, viscosity and temperature limits.

If you aren’t using a Bond Tech product, that isn’t a problem at all. Our adhesive audit services can be done on items from any adhesive manufacturer.

Man working on book binding - What Happens During an Adhesive Audit? What to Know

3. Testing

When we come to your facility, we’ll review your process to see how, when and where your adhesive is being used.

During this phase, our technical representative will look to answer key questions, such as:

  • How is the adhesive applied (automatic vs. manual application)
  • What are the compression times of the adhesive
  • Machining characteristics (how easily it can be cut) of the adhesive being used
  • What are its consumption, mileage and waste properties
  • How much adhesive is being used during application

It’s important for us to get as much reliable data as possible.

So we’ll be watching your operation as closely as possible – for as long as possible – to ensure quality and vital information is captured.

4. The results

After we’ve tested, collected and reviewed the data, we’ll prepare a comprehensive report for you.

  • If we find that you have the right adhesive – even if it isn’t ours – we’ll recommend you keep using it.
  • If we discover that your adhesive isn’t performing to the best of its ability, we’ll offer better and more practical alternatives.

There’s no expectation that you have to use our products and services either.

The goal of an adhesive audit is to measure your current adhesive. It isn’t to sell you something you don’t need.

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