Water-based adhesives can be used effectively with paper, foil, wood, clay and many other surfaces. The water-based adhesives are non-toxic, easily diluted and easy to clean after use. They are non-flammable, odourless and offer good bonding

Types of Water-Based Glues

There are several types of adhesives with a water base.

These include:

  • Resins – white glue (i.e. School glue)
  • Natural Rubber latex adhesives
  • Vegetable or starch base (i.e. Dextrin’s)
  • Animal protein glues

Each manufactured product works with different materials.

Book Binding

Animal and vegetable glues

Animal protein adhesives are water-based. These are traditional glues that date back centuries.

This type of low-cost adhesive works well for bookbinding, boxes, cartons and other packaging. It is tough and durable in solid or liquid form.

Vegetable adhesives are made from starches. This is another traditional glue updated with modern technology.

The dextrins and pastes take longer to set up, but they last for a long time. They are used in laminating as a lower-cost alternative to resins.

Cohesive rubber latex glue

This is tough stuff used in packaging. Self-sealing envelopes use water-based latex glue for a tight seal that will withstand the mail system.

The adhesive is used with heavy plastic and fibre envelopes used by private shipping companies.

Bandages, foils, wraps and paper envelopes use this major sealer. It is important to note that rubber latex adhesives will only stick to each other.

They form a tight bond when applied to both sides of the items to be connected.

This is why a paper strip is used as a barrier between the two sides of a self-sealing envelope until it is ready to be completely sealed.

The product is available in liquid form.The set-up time varies since both sides bond quickly and securely after the adhesive coating is applied.

Tube Winding

Water-based resin glue

This is the white glue that works everywhere. Water-based resins can include copolymers, latex, acrylic or polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH).

A water-based resin that includes the PVOH compound is used extensively in spiral tube winding. It is used for the heads and bottoms of shipping drums and boxes.

This is the product for edge protection as well as product assembly.

Luggage, shipping boxes, book covers and even some furniture contains water-based resin glues with PVOH added to polymers.

This works well with cellulose substrates that include wood and paper products. The glue can set up quickly and last indefinitely.

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