man applying adhesive glue to wood

man applying adhesive glue to wood

At Bond Tech, we offer three main kinds of adhesives to fit a huge range of bonding needs in many industries. Adhesives can be used for so many things that you may struggle to find information about exactly which type you should use, and how the different kinds of adhesives compare to one another. Here, we’ll provide you with some answers to help guide you.

Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot melt adhesives come in many forms…from pellets to chicklets or even in blocks. Specialized equipment is required to melt and apply the adhesive to your product or material. Your operator essentially uses an industrial version of a glue gun to do this or it can be an automated process with no operator interaction. Hot-melt adhesives are simple to use and have fast cure and set times, from one to fifteen seconds, to make your operation faster and get products out the door.

Water Based Adhesives

Water-based adhesives are another very popular kind of adhesives for commercial use. They are delivered in liquid form and do not need to be melted to be applied. While these adhesives do not set as quickly as hot melt, they can stand up better to unusual conditions, like water, heat, and chemicals. They can be applied at room temperature, increasing safety and reducing operating costs. There is also a greater ‘margin of error’ with water-based adhesives since they do not cure as fast as a hot melt. They may also be useful if your application requires a slower set speed and greater working time.

Dry Blend Adhesives

We also offer dry blend adhesives. In many cases, we can create the exact adhesive you want and ship the dry version to you. All you do is add liquid to the mixture, stir and then apply. There are dozens of advantages to these custom adhesive solutions, including lower shipping costs, low storage needs, operator-friendly mixes, and long shelf life.

We offer many water-based adhesives in dry blend form. From PVA blends, PVOH, starch, and gelatin.

To learn more about the different kinds of adhesives and what is right for your project, contact our team at Bond Tech today!

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The Three Adhesives Compared

How do the three types of adhesives compare to one another? Here is a chart to give you an idea.

Hot Melt Adhesives Water-Based Adhesives Dry Blend Adhesives
Main Benefit Quicker cure and set time Versatility and affordability Economical. Get the specific advantages you need, including those of water-based and hot melt
Temperatures Applied at 250 – 375°F Applied at room temperature, bond can withstand greater range of temperatures or environments Any
Equipment Industrial glue guns and related equipment Water-based adhesive systems Agitation and cooking equipment (in some cases)

You can compare these adhesives on many other grounds that may be more relevant for your operation. Costs, availability, storage life, initial investment, and quality of the bond are all very different across these types and among the different kinds of each.

Want to find out which adhesive is right for you? Contact our experts at Bond Tech today to learn more.