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Hot Glue Gun - The Advantages of Using a Hot Melt Adhesive

There are many advantages of using hot melt adhesives. Below, we explore these benefits and explain why businesses should consider this type of glue.

Versatile & Low Cost

Their versatility, low cost, and resistance to water and moisture make these types of adhesives the ideal choice in many applications.

The factor that most workplaces will look at first is cost. Hot melt adhesives are some of the cheapest on the market.

This can be very helpful if you are looking to use a lot amount of it. The savings over time can be considerable.

Water Resistant

If the products or items you are looking to adhere to will be in any way coming in contact with water or moisture, such as boxes for shipping food, hot melt adhesives are resistant to water, moisture and humidity.

You will not have to worry about these glues coming loose in nearly any environment, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Quick Cure Times

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the time it takes to wait for glue to dry, then this is the product you need.

  • Traditional glues can take several minutes, and they can cause you to have to hold on to the item to keep the two surfaces together while the glue dries.
  • With a hot melt adhesive, the drying time is cut down to seconds, leaving you free to continue on with your next task.

Notably Strong

Quality manufacturers also provide hot melt adhesives that are strong; most are as strong as PVA or UF adhesives. This means you can quickly glue something together that is resistant to water and strong enough to handle rougher usage.

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