Unhappy with your current packaging adhesive solution?

Looking for something more reliable?

Here are 5 advantages metallocene hot melt adhesives from Bond Tech Industries can bring to your packaging process.

1. Lower gelling and charring

The reduction of gel and char formation means no clogged or compacted filters and nozzles.

That, in turn, means less downtime and more manufacturing uptime for your carton sealing applications.

Hot & cold2. Expansive temperature range

When final bonds are set, they’re designed to resist and withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Because of this, Bond Tech metallocene hot melt adhesives also deliver additional benefits which saves time, money and the environment too:

  • Impressive waste reduction
  • Lower product and/or packaging returns
  • Less budget spent on replacement costs

Whether you’re working in searing summer heat or bone-chilling cold, your hot melt adhesives won’t fail.

Thermal control3. Better thermal control

Use only the amount of adhesive you need – and apply it with perfect precision – due to better viscosity stability.

Whereas before Bond Tech, your hot melt applications may have been messy, runny or excessive.

But after Bond Tech, you’ll find it much easier to control and place only the bead-sized amounts you need.

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4. Cleanliness

Bond Tech metallocene hot melt adhesives are designed to reduce wear and tear on your equipment and supplies.

Which means your team will spend less time:

  • Cleaning machines
  • Removing clogs
  • Waiting for machines to become operational again

And more time:

  • Applying and creating packaging with a smooth, trouble-free manufacturing process


5. Environmentally beneficial

Odour free and eco-friendly, metallocene hot melt adhesives helps the manufacturing plant and staff work longer and more efficiently without fatigue or the possibility of suffering any ill-effects.

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