Small GLue gun

Your choice of glue gun is essential to the success of your operation. Not all glue guns are made equally. Some will save you time with smooth operation and allow you to choose from a range of adhesives. Others can clog, and produce too much char, if used incorrectly, and slow your operators down. Here’s what you need to know when you’re comparing industrial glue guns.

Hot Melt Glue Stick Guns

Hot melt glue stick guns are just what they sound like. They operate at up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to melt your adhesive and make it simple to apply. Bond Tech Industries offers some of our adhesives with specialty chemistries in stick form to work with these glue guns. The only exception is PSAs, which are too soft to be formed into a stick.

Although, you may not have to purchase sticks in order to use hot melt guns. Some new guns allow you to use regular hot melt chips or beads. They have a small reservoir where the beads are melted and then fed through the gun as normal. Or the hot melt is melted in advance and dispensed into the gun reservoir.

Variable Temperature Glue Stick Guns

Some of the higher end guns utilize a thermostat. This allows the operator to ‘dial in’ their desired temperature. Lower temperature has a few advantages, especially if you are working with materials that are sensitive to high temperatures.

Foams, fabrics, and paper may be better applied at a lower temperature. Bond Tech Industries can advise you as to whether your application would benefit from lower or higher temperatures.

The type of stick you use can also determine what temperature to run at since different types of glue sticks will have specific melt points, and your needs will differ based on your project`.

Comparing Industrial Glue Guns

Temperature and range of use aren’t the only things that should concern you when you’re comparing glue gun options. We suggest you also think about:

  • Durability: Glue guns, especially those that operate at the highest temperatures, should be made of durable materials that can take the heat without breaking. The less you have to replace the guns, the better.
  • Affordability: Balancing affordability with durability should be a priority to keep your capital costs low. Bond Tech Industries works with glue gun suppliers who are committed to helping their customers get more for their dollar

Someone using Glue gun

New Glue Gun Technology

Manufacturers are innovating in the adhesive application world. New glue guns have special features that make application simpler. For example, you can now purchase cordless battery-powered glue guns that get the cords out of your operator’s way and give them more mobility. There are also sprayable glue sticks which can help your operator cover a larger area with your adhesive, faster.

With these new options, the team at Bond Tech Industries is confident we can find you a hot melt glue gun – and its accompanying stick, to fit your needs, even if you’re working with delicate materials. For all of your glue and adhesive needs, contact the experts at Bond Tech Industries.