Things You Didn’t Know About Industrial Glue SticksIf you’re involved in general product assembly, case and carton sealing, wood working or arts and crafts, you may use industrial glue sticks. These sticks are placed into glue guns that deliver a consistent amount of adhesive, so your operator can get to work.

Using these glue sticks isn’t quite like using the small craft glue sticks you used in your childhood. There are special size, storage and operation considerations you need to consider before you get to work. This quick overview will brief you on what you need to know.

The Right Size Glue Stick

Each piece of hardware, or glue gun, will accept a certain range of glue stick diameter sizes. It’s critical to use the right size, so that the stick fits in your gun and delivers the amount of glue you need, quickly.

The most common sizes of glue sticks are ½ inch and 7/16 inch. We find that 7/16-inch sticks often work in guns that specify ½ inch stick, but not the other way around. Other sizes include 5/8” and even 1.75”! If you need another size, Bond Tech can help you find it.

Also, it’s a wise idea to consider what size or type of stick you’ll need before buying new hardware. Some companies, such as 3M, produce glue guns that will only work with their own custom sized stick. We find it’s better for you in the long run to buy less expensive hardware that is more flexible with its required stick size and manufacturer.

Safety Protocols for Using Glue Sticks

Industrial glue guns run much hotter than home-use glue guns and can deliver much more adhesive. For these reasons, it’s advisable to take extra safety precautions to protect the glue gun operator from burns. At the very least, heavy duty gloves are recommended to protect the hands from the heat of the gun. Some industrial guns come equipped with adjustable thermostats…just like the one you have in your home! This feature can come in handy when you are using a stick that has a very low or high softening (melt) point.

VOC Adhesive - Things You Didn’t Know About Industrial Glue Sticks

Storing Glue Sticks

You also need to be careful about how you store industrial glue sticks. They need to be left in a cool and dry place. Excess humidity can damage the adhesive and heat can melt the sticks. When melted they may no longer be usable as they may no longer fit in the glue gun. This can be an expensive mistake if they aren’t stored properly.

Also, remember that glue sticks have a one-year minimum shelf life. If you plan to store them for a while, consider putting a label on the storage container with the date. Glue sticks are pretty hardy however, over prolonged periods of time, they can become brittle.

More Information on Industrial Glue Sticks

The experts at Bond Tech can help you select the right glue stick for your hardware and needs. We can also help you fulfill any of your other adhesive needs. Reach out to us with your questions today.