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Automatic vacuum-fed hot melt systems and tankless hot melt systems are a convenient way to deliver adhesive to your operators. If you’ve already made the decision to use bulk hot melt over hot melt glue sticks, you’ll appreciate the lowered cost and flexibility of hot melt automation. Let’s explore some of the many benefits of vacuum-fed systems and a few other things you need to know to get those benefits for yourself.

The Benefits of Vacuum-Fed Hot Melt

Whether you have a tank or tankless hot melt system, there are a few benefits you can expect:

  • Save time: Both systems eliminate the need to add more hot melt adhesive pellets to the tank. They fill automatically, so your operator spends more time applying adhesive and less time managing the equipment.
  • Increase efficiency: When you use a tankless automated system, you use only what you need…its ‘on demand’, not unlike a tankless hot water heater in your home!
  • Save power: Some automatic systems use less energy than comparable equipment.
  • Save on adhesive: Automatic systems reduce the chance of spills and overfilling and also cut down on adhesive degradation.
  • Longer-lasting equipment: When properly maintained, vacuum-fed and tankless systems last longer than hand-held and other types of hot melt equipment.
  • Eliminate down time: Because adhesive is fed automatically, you eliminate the chance of running the tank empty and therefore halting production.

Disadvantages of Vacuum-Fed Hot Melt

As with all things in life, automatic hot melt systems do come with some disadvantages, including:

  • Larger upfront cost: Tankless systems and vacuum-fed systems cost more upfront than comparable systems that are not automatic. However, they save you on operating costs and in the longevity of the equipment.
  • More maintenance: An automatic vacuum-fed system may need more maintenance than the equipment you are using now. Typically, the time spent on this maintenance is much shorter than the time your operator would have spent refiling their adhesive, but it is still important to be aware of this increased need.

Close up og hot melt glue pellets

What Do You Need to Start with Hot Melt Automation?

In order to get started with an automatic system, you need the equipment and smaller hot melt pellets. The vacuum system requires smaller pieces that are easier to move around. At Bond Tech, we can provide you with our hot melt products in smaller pellets that are perfect for vacuum-fed systems.

Get Exactly What You Need at Bond Tech Industries

Vacuum fed hot melt equipment is increasing in popularity, and with good reason. With faster times to reheat and no need to refill the system, your production costs will also decrease. If you are interested in a vacuum-fed hot melt system and require the correct pellets for your system, contact us today.