Using glue on wood - What Should be Available at Your Adhesive Supply Company?

Using glue on wood - What Should be Available at Your Adhesive Supply Company?

A good adhesive supply company will have a wide range of products on offer. We here at Bond Tech Industries strive to have the widest product range possible while still maintaining the quality we are known for. Here is a look at the product list you should find at the supplier you choose and a look at what these types of glue do:

Water-based Adhesives

This broad category covers all types of adhesives that are made primarily of water. They break down further into homopolymer, copolymer, acrylic, latex, fugitive, dextrin, protein and PVOH formulas. The water-based resin formulas are the backbone of the adhesive industry.

Dry Blended Adhesives

These glues offer the maximum cost savings while still offering the highest of performance standards. The formulations break down into those that have PVA, PVOH, starch and gelatin blends. PVOH dry blends are great for those looking for large and economical batches.

Hot Melt Adhesives

These are supplied in a chicklet form and applied at temperatures of 120 – 180 degrees. Formula options include EVA, Metallocene, PSA, APAO, Fugitive, Remoistenable and glue sticks. The most favoured formula is Metallocene, as they feature no char, odour or smoke.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

These highly useful and reusable glues are available under either the hot melt family of glues or the water-based family of glues. No matter which family they are under, they are also known as fugitive glue, credit card glue, removable glue and our favourite: booger glue.

Why You Should Work with a Reputable Adhesive Supply Company

A decent adhesive company should offer a range of products to meet a wide variety of needs. Experts will also understand the best formulations for your applications and help you troubleshoot when needed. Be sure to look for a company that understands adhesive properties, supply chain demands and more.

Get What You Need at Bond Tech Industries

If you are currently working with a glue manufacturer or supplier that doesn’t offer you all these options, then you should contact us today! We can be your one-stop glue supply spot!

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