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Canada Post Mailboxes

Remoistenable Glues for Direct-Mail Response Material

Reply devices, such as tear-off envelopes or foldable postcards with a pre-glued edge, make it easy for customers to return order forms or information requests. Remoistenable glues, applied as part of the printing process, are a cost-effective technique for incorporating such a feature in your direct-mail campaign. Until 20 years ago, adding pre-glued direct response

5 Ways Bond Tech Metallocene Hot Melt Adhesives Improve Your Packaging Operations

Unhappy with your current packaging adhesive solution? Looking for something more reliable? Here are 5 advantages metallocene hot melt adhesives from Bond Tech Industries can bring to your packaging process. 1. Lower gelling and charring The reduction of gel and char formation means no clogged or compacted filters and nozzles. That, in turn, means less