In the world of manufacturing, finding ways to cut costs at the same time as maintaining the quality of production is of the utmost importance.

While numerous industrialists who use adhesives in their business operations think that they have implemented all measures to decrease costs, there are further methods to advance the process of adhesive application whilst decreasing maintenance costs and downtime in production.


What is an Adhesive Audit?

An adhesive audit is a unique service offered by Bond Tech where a Technical Representative will visit your facility and review your process, regardless of whose adhesive you are using.

To obtain the necessary information, the specialist will observe your equipment in operation and record vital information necessary to determine whether you are operating in the most efficient manner, such as

  • What you are gluing
  • Type of equipment
  • Method of adhesive application
  • Compression times
  • Open times
  • Adhesive temperature (if applicable)
  • Machining characteristic of the adhesive
  • Consumption, mileage and waste

What will an Adhesive Audit accomplish for my company?

The primary focus of an adhesive audit is to ensure that you are getting optimal adhesive performance, while using as little adhesive as possible. Concurrently, recommendations on equipment settings/adjustments will be made as well.

This can help to decrease your costs per thousand on your production line, while helping reduce waste and raise efficiency.

Label machine

What parts of my company’s packaging process will be audited?

When we visit your plant, we will bring our vast knowledge of adhesives with us, so we can ensure that you are receiving the best adhesive resolution for your business.

The assessment will include:

  • Your current machinery
  • What you are gluing
  • The amount of adhesive used
  • Application speed and method
  • Compression and open times
  • Adhesive ability to adapt to the machine using it
  • Waste
  • Consumption
  • Overall assessment of equipment
  • Plus many more

Regardless of the materials that you are bonding, an adhesive audit will be able to determine the proper adhesive by testing the current substrates that you are using.We can also identify any inefficiencies with your equipment and suggest adjustments.

Packaging requirements

The audit will also look into the requirements that your packaging needs to stand up to.

If your manufactured goods need to stand up to extreme temperatures or must to be water resistant, an adhesive will be chosen to endure those requirements by design.

The need for qualified solutions in today’s manufacturing industry is a given, and you will be provided with resolutions based on your total process cost, all while taking into account your shipping, purchase regularity, monthly volume, and other factors that can affect your bottom line.

This will in turn allow you to enhance your fabrication process all while lowering costs.

Pressure and temperature control

Other elements an Adhesive Audit will look for

Recognizing that all facilities are different is what sets the process of a specialized adhesive audit apart from the others in the industry.

The environmental restrictions, ambient temperatures, and seasonal weather changes can affect how well your adhesive is performing and that is why all of these factors will be considered when providing the best solution for your adhesive needs.

Contact us for your Adhesive Audit

No matter what your adhesive requirements, an audit performed by professionals can help to make your methods more maintainable, at the same as enhancing your complete adhesive process.

Contact Bond-Tech Industries today to learn how an adhesive audit can help enhance your adhesive process and increase your bottom line today.