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Haven’t Had An Adhesive Audit Before? Here’s Why You Should.

In the world of manufacturing, finding ways to cut costs at the same time as maintaining the quality of production is of the utmost importance. While numerous industrialists who use adhesives in their business operations think that they have implemented all measures to decrease costs, there are further methods to advance the process of adhesive

When Should You Use Water-Based Adhesives?

Water-based adhesives can be used effectively with paper, foil, wood, clay and many other surfaces. The water-based adhesives are non-toxic, easily diluted and easy to clean after use. They are non-flammable, odourless and offer good bonding There are several type of adhesives with a water base. These include: Resins – white glue (ie. School glue)

Four Critical Questions You Must Ask Before Selecting an Adhesive

Adhesives come in a variety of chemistries and forms, and each has unique features that are formulated to solve a particular problem or need. Science has allowed for engineering very specific adhesives, and they tend to come in polar opposites: solvent or acrylic, clear or pigmented, removable or permanent. It’s also possible to have an

What Should be Available at your Adhesive Supply Company?

Photo credit to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chadmagiera/ A good adhesive supply company will have a wide range of products on offer. We here at Bond Tech Industries strive to have the widest product range possible while still maintaining the quality we are known for. Here is a look at the product list you should find at the supplier

Why a Hot Melt Adhesive is Right for Your Application

Photo credit to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/quattlebaum/ The hot melt adhesive category covers a wide range of products that all share the same basic properties: an application time during a heated phase followed by a set adhesive bond after cooling. This makes hot melt adhesives ideal for situations where you need them to work in high speed manufacturing

How a Glue Manufacturer Makes Hot Melt Adhesives

Photo credit to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/oskay/ A glue manufacturer will make a hot melt adhesive by starting with one base material. The usual base materials are ethylene-vinyl acetates (EVA), polyolefins (PO), polyamides (PA), polyurethanes (PUR), and styrene block copolymeres. This base material will be formulated in a way that makes it have a glass transition temperature that